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NLFC 75 was a success because of our members, sponsors, board, staff, volunteers, and attendees! Thank you for making our 75th AGM & Conference one for the history books!

“Co-ops: The Solution Movement – Celebrating 75 Years”


“Co-ops solve problems. In our province, Co-operatives and Credit Unions have always been foundational to the success of our rural and metro areas alike. In every sector, solution-based organizations are becoming more critical than ever. Our co-op members – who today comprise a fifth of the provincial population – are part of a growing ‘solution movement’, built to sustain our diverse communities and resources.”

June 21st & 22nd, 2024 at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland, St. John’s.

The Women’s Economic Council is a proud collaborative partner with the NLFC during this year’s 75th anniversary to accelerate inclusion within the co-op sector. Learn more about the 50-30 Challenge here.

Congratulations to NLFC Award Winners & Recognition Recipients

The NLFC Tom Best Volunteer of the Year Award – Ken Kavanagh

From L-R: Jim MacFarlane (Co-operators), Joel Santos (Co-operators), Allison Best (Daughter of Tom Best), Ken Kavanagh, Lynn Best (Wife of Tom Best), Billy Lee (Petty Harbour Fisherman’s Co-op), Lloyd Hayden (NLFC President)

NLFC Youth Co-operator of the Year – Sophia Munden

From L-R: Jim MacFarlane (Co-operators), Joel Santos (Co-operators), Lloyd Hayden (NLFC President), Sophia Munden (Atlantic Edge Credit Union)

NLFC Co-operator of the Year – Shanti Samaroo

From L-R: Jim MacFarlane (Co-operators), Joel Santos (Co-operators), Lloyd Hayden (NLFC President), Shanti Samaroo (Atlantic Edge Credit Union)

NLFC Co-operative of the Year – Terrington Consumers Co-operative

From L-R: Jim MacFarlane (Co-operators), Joel Santos (Co-operators), Lloyd Hayden (NLFC President), Robert Andrews (Terrington Consumers Co-operative)

NLFC Diversity Champion of the Year – Collective Interchange Co-operative

From L-R: Jim MacFarlane (Co-operators), Joel Santos (Co-operators), Lloyd Hayden (NLFC President), Valerie Carruthers (Collective Interchange), Roxana Fazli (Collective Interchange), Amparo Montoya (Collective Interchange)

NLFC Recognition Recipients – Bob Gammon, Glen Fitzpatrick, Ken Kavanagh

From L-R: Jim MacFarlane (Co-operators), Bob Gammon (Departing NLFC Board Member), Glen Fitzpatrick (Past NLFC Managing Director), Ken Kavanagh (Past NLFC Board President) Joel Santos (Co-operators), Lloyd Hayden (NLFC President). Not Pictured: Hubert Loder (Departing NLFC Board Member) and Gail Pike (Past NLFC Board President)

Co-operative History & NLFC 75 Film

The history of co-operation in the province is an essential aspect of co-operative identity and culture. The NLFC 75 Historical Project was launched by Student Historian Israt Jahan Lipa, which includes articles, photos, and graphics. Also, the premiere of “75 Years of Co-operation in Newfoundland & Labrador” by Student Filmmaker Olivia Garrett was held at NLFC 75.


To learn more about co-op history in NL and to view the film, check out the History page.

View the NLFC 75 schedule below for an overview of the event, speaker info, and more!

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