Find Inspiration and an Array of Co-operative Opportunities
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Find Inspiration and an Array of Co-operative Opportunities
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Co-ops, Credit Unions, and Community

Newfoundland & Labrador is home to an array of co-operatives ranging from grocery stores and markets to business solutions groups and activism collectives. Our credit unions span the province and provide unparalleled financial services from Labrador City in Labrador all the way to Bay Bulls on the Avalon Peninsula. As the unifying voice for co-operatives, we pride ourselves on our dedication to working together with our existing co-operatives and credit unions to further the development of the co-operative movement in our province. Together, we provide supports and resources for:

  • New Co-op Development
  • Accessible Educational Opportunities
  • Community Services
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Come Together to Support and Celebrate Co-operative Thinking

We proudly represent the co-operatives and credit unions of Newfoundland & Labrador. Our MISSION is to promote the co-operative business model while supporting the growth and development of the overall sector. Our VISION is to create a common table around which our members can work together to address their collective needs.

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Co-operation Among Co-operatives

We believe in working together to support and develop co-operatives, both existing and emerging, by providing four key services: 

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