Stephanie Abbott-Trahey: Bio


Stephanie Abbott-Trahey (she/her) is a St. John’s based Regional Network Facilitator at the Community Sector Council NL. She is passionate about connections and finding creative ways to collaborate and bring people together and is excited to work towards organizing events and creating partnership opportunities to help create a stronger Community Sector. Exploring the connection between social finance and economic growth is a particular interest. Stephanie specializes in professional development and aims to help facilitate training and learning opportunities to help employees and volunteers adapt to new and ever evolving workplace challenges. With six years in the non-profit sector and previous experience in leading teams she brings energy and enthusiasm to her position. Her favorite part of the job is meeting and talking to new people every day. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Professional Writing from Memorial University. She is also a certified fitness instructor and has been teaching group fitness classes for the last ten years.